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Types of Chocolate

The first thing to understand is the ratio of cacao to sugar. A chocolate that's 60 percent cocoa contains 40 percent sugar.  The more cocoa a chocolate contains, the less sugar it has and the darker it is.

Milk Chocolate is the best selling and consumed variety of chocolate in the world. The finest milk chocolate contains pure ingredients with no artificial flavorings added and contains condensed milk or a mixture of milk and sugar. It should present a good smell and melt smoothly in your mouth.  

White Chocolate gets its name from its primary ingredient: cocoa butter, which is combined with sugar, milk, vanilla and other ingredients to create the creamy confection.  Purist will debate if it should even be categorized as a chocolate since it does contain any cocoa solids.  Therefore, no caffeine is found in white chocolate.

We are confident you will enjoy it regardless what it’s called!

Dark Chocolate is rapidly gaining popularity through its rich intense flavor and health benefits with adults, today. We can refer to dark chocolate only if there is an absence of milk solids. Due to the lack of milk additives means that dark chocolate is more prone to a dry, chalky texture, a bitter aftertaste and is still considered a treat to many!  

Semi-Sweet Chocolate is a type of dark chocolate with less sugar with a milder, sweeter taste than dark chocolat 

Bitter Sweet Chocolate is a sweetened form of dark chocolate which is high in cocoa content, no milk product and low in sugar, providing you with rich and intense flavors.  

Bitter Chocolate are unsweetened chocolates with a bitter taste which should be limited to baking as it is almost made up of 100% cocoa solids therefore, chocolate in its rarest form.